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E.COOLINE - your air conditioner to wear

Ever since the heat of summer 2018 everyone knows: High temperatures are a danger to health, concentration and performance. Cooling helps us stay fit and efficient - with pleasant cooling we feel comfortable even at high temperatures.

Therefore, for all those who love the summer, but not the heat, we recommend our innovative air conditioning technology of the 21st century: E.COOLINE - air conditioning to wear, equipped with the high-tech fleece COOLINE SX3.

E.COOLINE cooling textiles cool the body effectively, with a cooling capacity of up to 600 watts. This means you can experience relief and well-being in the heat, up to 20 hours in everyday life, thanks to E.COOLINE's innovative cooling technology and cooling with E.COOLINE cooling vests. Climate neutral - of course!

According to climate partner analysis, E.COOLINE will save you over 90% of your CO2 compared to air conditioners. In addition, we compensate for the remaining 10%, as our company, pervormance international GmbH, and our products have been carbon-neutral since 2013. This means that everyone in the building or outdoors can be cooled in a climate-neutral way so that their health, concentration and performance are maintained. Find out more on our homepage E-COOLINE.COM

Discover the E.COOLINE product world and learn more about cooling vests, cooling shirts, baseball caps and other E.COOLINE products.

Learn now on, how to activate the cooling of your air conditioning to wear - E.COOLINE: how it works!

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