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PowerSignal Vest SX3

Item number 27101800-510-5XL

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More work safety and less sweat at high temperatures

  •     Heat protection for more safety at high temperatures and thus avoidance of  overheating
  •     Lower fatigue and significantly more efficiency at work
  •     Cooling up to 12 °C in seconds with cooling effect up to 20 hours
  •     Easy handling, mobile and flexible, washable and cleanable
  •     Certified to EN ISO 20471, signal colors for perfect visibility and optimal fit through individually adjustable Velcro fasteners

Created for working: The E.COOLINE PowerSignal vest provides active cooling to prevent overheating and therefore more concentration, safety and performance at the workplace. Sweating is significantly reduced with the E.COOLINE cooling vest, which in turn results in less energy loss. Concentration, performance and occupational safety increase, exhaustion, loss of concentration and health problems can be prevented.
Simply charge with 1 liter of tap water, dry and tighten. The E.COOLINE PowerSignal vest cools up to 20 hours.


size  width/bust girth
 M      103 - 109 cm
 L  109 - 116 cm
 XL  116 - 124 cm
 XXL  124 - 132 cm



E.COOLINE cooling clothing is washable, unlike most other cooling fabrics.
All our products are fit for hand washing or the wool wash cycle,  without spinning, at 30 ° C. We recommend for E.COOLINE cooling textiles our special detergent, DEOXX® ecowash '(alternatively: TOKO® ecowash), developed for E.COOLINE cooling textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are suitable.

Please refer to the product enclosed instructions.


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