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PowerDog SX3 Cooling Vest

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The E.COOLINE PowerDog SX3 cooling vest for dogs brings more performance and well-being at high temperatures. It is easy to handle and has a good wearing comfort. In order to protect the sensitive kidney region of their favorite, the tail area was left out. In addition, a special elastic mesh material made of Lycra was used on the neck to ensure freedom of movement. The COOLINE SX3 material is pleasantly soft and thus also protects the skin and coat of your four-legged friend. The E.COOLINE cooling vest for dogs cools up to 20 hours

Available in 4 sizes:

Size 0: Maltese, Dachshund, ...
Back length: 22 cm
Chest circumference: 36 cm - 48 cm

Size 1: Spaniel, Border Collie, ...
Back length: 32 cm
Chest circumference: 49 cm - 65 cm

Size 2: Cocker - Retriever
Back length: 40 cm
Chest circumference: 67 cm - 101 cm

Size 3: German Shepherd - Mastiff
Back length: 40 cm
Chest circumference: 72 cm - 109 cm

The sizes vary widely between the breeds of dog. Therefore please note the dimensions



E.COOLINE cooling clothing is washable, unlike most other cooling fabrics.
All our products are fit for hand washing or the wool wash cycle,  without spinning, at 30 ° C. We recommend for E.COOLINE cooling textiles our special detergent, DEOXX® ecowash '(alternatively: TOKO® ecowash), developed for E.COOLINE cooling textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are suitable.

Please refer to the product enclosed instructions.




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