Activating E.COOLINE products is as easy and quick as washing hands. Water on it - roll in - dry. It's that easy. And then enjoy hours of cooling. Just cool!


Spray water evenly over the front and the back of the "padded" part of your E.COOLINE product till every part gets a little bit darker. Press the rest water out.


Or immerse the "padded" part of the product max. 1-2 seconds (!) in the bassin. Only put it in the water and pull it immediately out. Compress it to squeeze the rest water out.


Compress the product to squeeze water out and roll it up in a towel or a similar material to dry it. The outer layer should be air-dried if necessary. In general, the product is ready for use after approx. 1 minute.



E.COOLINE is not only effective, independent of time and location, but also very simple. The products are e.g. activated in seconds under the tap. The product is easily squeezed out and simply rolled into a towel or dried with paper towels on the outside. Finished! Either you use it immediately or wait a few minutes - it's up to you and your taste.

You can also activate E.COOLINE products and let them hang. Or you activate the products in the evening and use them the next morning? Then just take a little more water (activate longer). Some water evaporates overnight, but usually the product still works for a few hours and cools to a pleasant 16 to 18 ° C. That's not cold enough for you?

Find out below how to boost the E.COOLINE cooling system even further with cold.



The cooling on the upper body is most effective, because here is the "engine" of the body located, the cardiovascular system. From here, the blood is pumped once a minute through the body. As a result, when cooling on the upper body the cooling reaches indirectly the entire body. In addition, cooling of a large surface area is achieved here and thus the effectiveness is maximized.

Important: Never cool the kidneys - here the body reacts sensitively to cooling - therefore all of our products are "kidney free". When choosing your cooling clothing, always make sure that the kidneys are kept free of cooling material. For your health!

It is also important whether you wear protective clothing or not and whether you work near fire, very hot stoves or liquid metal. In these cases, we always recommend the E.COOLINE models with no elastic mesh fabric or fire-sensitive parts, such as the PowerCool SX3 vest, the chaps, the bandana or helmet inlay or the calf coolers.

The PowerCool SX3 vest for example provides the largest amount of cooling fleece, this can be important under protective clothing, as you need to reach as much body surface as possible. Otherwise you can choose your E.COOLINE model according to your taste. Have lots of fun with it!


Size XS - 3XL

Size S - 5XL
kidney free

Size XXS - 3XL
With zipper

Certified EN ISO 20471 (class 2)
Size M - 5XL


In addition to the upper body, the head is the most important part of the body for temperature compensation. This is particularly noticeable in winter, when you are cold on the head or in summer, when it gets hot and sweat runs into your eyes. Therefore, it is important to cool the head at high temperatures. The easiest way to do this is to wear a baseball cap, a headband, a bandana (bandana) or a scarf. All products can be found in our shop with 3D COOL technology.

However, many people need to wear a protective helmet or bump cap during heat, or have basecaps they like to wear. Then they can simply wear a headband or the bandana or our helmet inlay, depending on taste or fit.

Our bandanas are preferably used under the helmet because they also have neck protection. The Bandana Air has a little less cooling surface, but is narrower thanks to the elastic mesh insert on the sides and even fits under bump caps. Keep a cool head even in "heated" situations!


In 5 colors
One size
Adjustable closure

With neck protection
In 2 colors
Also available in black as Bandana Air

Available in black, blue or red
To bind, for individual fit

With Velcro fastening for attachment in the helmet cross


Although the legs do not have as many "cold receptors" as the upper body, they are important because they ensure that the blood is pumped back up from below. At high temperatures this is also more difficult as the blood vessels dilate to provide more fluid for sweat on the skin.

People who suffer from varicose or venous veins know about this. Many others also notice, that the legs and especially the calves and ankles get thicker on hot days, because the blood accumulates in the lower parts of the legs.

E.g. during asphalt work or when standing on ovens, the need for cooling the calf / lower leg is particularly great, due to additional radiant heat from below. If the vessels in the lower extremities become too long and are too heavily loaded, it can sometimes lead to circulatory disorders, dilated vessels and even to open legs, an emergency. That does not have to be. Stay cool with the E.COOLINE PowerBoots!

The thighs are important in many practical cases. Especially under heavy protective clothing such as during EOD use or under chemical protection suits, it can make sense to use the large surface on the thighs to further increase the total cooling surface and to cool the legs, in addition to the upper body and head.

With the PowerCool SX3 Chaps you can do it effortlessly, because you do not have to undress, you can wear the chaps over your pants, like the cowboys in the Wild West. The belt is easy to put on, close the legs with Velcro on the thighs - Done!


Cooling your arms is what you usually know. You can run water over your forearms, if you suffer because of heat. That cools you off and does you good. Unfortunately, only for a short time, because the water runs away quickly and there is not much on the skin. As a result, the effect is quickly gone.

Imagine that you could extend this effect? This is what our wrist and arm coolers do. These products cool your arms for hours. The arm coolers offer you cooling with a higher efficiency because they have more surface.

These arm cooling products also helps employees in companies who work with their arms near hot ovens or machines, as the radiation heat, which often has several hundred degrees there, is reduced. Try it!


COOL BAG for storing bottles up to 1 l
Fruit, chocolate, etc. or medicines

colour blue

One size 13 x27 cm

Of course, we have also thought about other use cases, e.g. keeping your bottles, food, or medication cool in a hot environment. In many "hot" jobs it is very important to drink enough water. However, for most people a drink at a temperature over 30 ° C does not taste very good. The refrigerator is often too far from the workplace or the employees are sitting in hot vehicles.

The Outdoor Coolbag is perfect for these cases. You can store water bottles of up to 1 l of water in it (1.5 l bottles, depending on the bottle shape) and many other heat-sensitive products.

The PowerCool SX3 BigPad always helps when you want to achieve cool surfaces. One example are machines - but drink crates also stay cold. It can also be used as a cover in vehicles, for heat-sensitive products or your shoulder or legs.

There are lots of possible applications!

Can be used as a blanket, cloth or cover

Color blue

Size 50 x 100 cm



There are some cases where the cooling effect of 660 Watth / l is insufficient for our customers. Either because of a humidity of over 80% or in extreme heat or when working near ovens, hot machines, etc.

But there is a solution for this issue: the COOL TO GO method. All you need is a simple cool box, some plastic zipper bags and ice cubes or crushed ice. Fill the Crushed Ice into the bags and simply layer them in the cool box between each water-activated chilled product. Then just leave this for about 30 minutes to stand. When you open the cooler now, the E.COOLINE product has taken on the cold of the crush ice and cools much more.

Of course not forever. But if you have a second product in the cool box, then you can always exchange the two against each other and stay cool and mobile. Because the cooler product can be easily taken anywhere.

Stay mobile and "turbo" cool.




If you cool the body, then the body gets used to the temperature at some point and you have no more "cooling feeling". That's like when you jump in the pool. In the first moment the water feels cold and after some time only pleasant. Therefore, some of our customers think that the products will not cool after some time (20 to 50 minutes, depending on the user). Then simply lay the E.COOLINE product to the side and put it on again after a few minutes. Then you'll notice the cooling effect again, which of course was there all along.

Of course, high humidity and airtight clothing will affect the way E.COOLINE works. It works up to 80% humidity, but usually and also in protective or fire suits to improve the body parameters.

If you are not cold enough, just use the COOL TO GO method (see above). Often, a nearby fan helps blow off the water molecules from the E.COOLINE surface to generate new evaporative coldness. Just call us if you have any questions!

One more note: Please do not store actived products in closed bags or plastic bags for a long time. Like any moisture-containing product (such as wet sportswear), this does not work well.


Most cooling clothing is not washable. This is of course a hygienic problem. E.COOLINE is different - the care of E.COOLINE cooling clothing is simple and clean.
You can wash the products by hand (rinse well) or with the washing machine at 30 ° C and you can also have the products cleaned (gentle cleaning program).
We had our products tested independently by two industrial laundry service providers. Perfect!

Simply close the hook and loop fasteners or the zipper and wash the products separately.
Use as detergent either pH neutral detergent (no color or functional detergent) or our tested DEOXX Ecowash (also TOKO Ecowash). Note that the products bind up to 1.5 liters of water and thus take care to note the max. weight of your washing machine.

Please do not bleach, do not use fabric softener, tumble dryer and no spinning and if so, then set the spin cycle to max. 400 rpm. To dry, simply hang the product in the air for 1-3 days.
Our tip: If you wash your E.COOLINE product at night, just hang it overnight. The next day it is already perfectly activated for use!