Payment methods:

Payment method Payment service provider Time of paymentShipping time
Purchase on invoice Klarna or Paypal Plus please note payment deadlineafter receipt of order
Installment purchase Klarna or Paypal Plus please note payment deadlines
Amazon Pay Amazonimmediately
Paypal Paypalimmediately
Credit cardPaypal Plusimmediately
Instant paymentPaypal Plusimmediately
Prepayment Your bankafter your orderafter receipt of payment

If you have any questions about our payment methods, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0731 140 710 or

Notes for our business customers:

  • Please send us your VAT- ID
  • You can (with company headquarters in Germany) also use the payment method "invoice - 10 days net".
  • Our invoices are payable after invoicing without deduction, discounting is excluded.

3D-Secure / Verified by Visa

Credit card payments in our stores are secured by the "3D-Secure/Verified by Visa" procedure. The cardholder is authenticated by entering a feature (password, SMS token, etc.) that only he and his bank, where he keeps his card, know.