Heat-Emergency-Kit PROF

Fully equipped: With the Heat Emergency Set Professional, you even have a blanket for sleeping in addition to the heat emergency vest and scarf for when you're on the go. The cooling blanket can also be placed over the shoulders or on the legs. Especially for wheelchair users, this helps to provide an extra portion of cooling effect.

As nights are often not suitable for sleeping in hot weather, the cooling blanket also helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep. For a restful night and a cool day.


RELEASE DATE: 01.08.2022

Heat-Emergency-Kit BASIC

The basic cooling equipment: The Powercool SX3 neckerchief fits in any pocket and quickly provides cooling for 2-3 hours at any time when needed.

Even at home or in the office, this is the fastest and easiest cooling solution from E.COOLINE.

Material: Outer material: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% COOLINE Polyester

With the E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 scarf you cool yourself climate neutral with a technology "Made in Germany".




Release date: 01.08.2022

E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 BigPad - cooling blanket

Powercool SX3 BigPad – the cooling cloth for every heat situation

The E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 cooling towel provides cooling whenever and wherever you need it. The active cooling towel reduces heavy sweating, increases performance and well-being and leads to faster regeneration after work or sports. You feel refreshed and energetic.

The cooling cloth is particularly suitable when sitting or when it is to be applied quickly and over a large area. Simply place it on the arms, legs, upper body or around the head and neck area.

Especially people with heat problems, such as multiple sclerosis patients or quadriplegics, carry a benefit from the cooling towel which offers a simple, quick and effective way to counteract exhaustion (fatigue), loss of performance and health complaints.

The material is lightweight, hugs the body comfortably and provides you with a cooling, pleasantly dry cooling surface of 50 x 100 cm or 0.5 m².

Material: Upper material: 100% polyester; mesh: 82% polyester /18% elastane; filling: 100% COOLINE polyester.

With the E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 BigPad you can cool down in a climate-neutral manner with technology "Made in Germany".

Release date: 01.01.1970

Heat-Emergency-Kit DOC: E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 Heat Emergency Vest

More and more people are affected by heat problems. To prevent heat from becoming a health risk, there is the heat emergency vest. It helps you in seconds, whenever and wherever you need cooling. The vest with soft functional material, smart fibers and 3D -cooling technology COOLINE SX3 cools you gently but highly effectively in any heat situation.

The high-tech product is activated quickly and completely uncomplicated directly under the tap or with a water bottle and put on over the head. The side closures allow the vest to be individually adjusted to the respective size.

Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Ready for use in seconds in any heat situation
  • Cools with up to 600 watts for up to 10 hours
  • Fits everyone - size can be individually adjusted
  • Saves energy - no electricity costs
  • No personnel expenditure
  • Cools environmentally friendly and climate neutral

Material: Upper material: 100% polyester; Mesh material: 82% polyester /18% spandex; Filling: 100% COOLINE polyester


Release date: 01.08.2022

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