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E.COOLINE PowerDog SX3 Cooling blanket for dogs

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  • Cooling blanket for dogs, cools your four-legged friend comfortably in hot weather. Suitable for all dogs.
  • Easy handling, pleasantly soft material
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use the Powerdog SX3 cooling ceiling on moisture-sensitive surfaces such as parquet, wooden or carpeted floors etc. only on a waterproof surface.
  • Washable and cleanable
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash separately, washable at 30 degrees C, wool cycle without spinning, hand wash, pH-neutral detergent, dry cleaning

In hot weather, dogs need to be cooled down in the same way as people. As they only have a few sweat glands on their tongue and paws, try to cool the body by panting. This is only effective up to around 28°C. Then your darling needs additional cooling.

Offer your four-legged friend a cool place to rest with the E.COOLINE PowerDog SX3 cooling blanket for dogs. The actively cooling blanket provides relief in high temperatures. This is ensured by the COOLINE SX3 technology, which generates up to 660 watts of cooling energy with smart fibres. With its patented technology, the washable dog blanket 'Made in Germany' provides your dog with optimum, dry cooling in every situation.

Whether at home, in the garden, in the car or on the road - the blanket is easy and flexible to use anywhere and fits all dogs. The COOLINE SX3 material is pleasantly soft and thus also protects the skin and coat of your four-legged friend.

The cooling blanket is washable and antibacterial. We recommend the DEOXX eco-wash as washing agent, so that you can enjoy your product for a long time. IMPORTANT NOTE: COOLINE SX3 is the unique 3D COOL technology, which uses smart fibres - based on the principle of evaporative cooling - to transform heat into cooling. Therefore, please use the Powerdog SX3 cooling ceiling on moisture-sensitive surfaces such as parquet, wooden floors or carpets, etc. only on a waterproof surface.

Please follow the instructions enclosed with the product.

Material: outer material: 100% polyester, filling: 100% COOLINE polyester

One size: 50 x 100 cm


Note: When using on parquet or laminate floors please place waterproof pad under it



E.COOLINE cooling clothing is washable, unlike most other cooling fabrics.
All our products are fit for hand washing or the wool wash cycle,  without spinning, at 30 °C. We recommend for E.COOLINE cooling textiles our special detergent, DEOXX® ecowash '(alternatively: TOKO® ecowash), developed for E.COOLINE cooling textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are suitable.

Please refer to the product enclosed instructions.


With E.COOLINE you cool yourself and your employees with a climate-neutral cooling product and technology "Made in

The most important unique selling points of our E.COOLINE cooling clothing are

  • Quick activation in seconds without preparation or refrigerator
  • Immediately dry, pleasant surface, instead of hours of moisture/wet
  • Health protection, as the kidney area remains free of cooling
  • Upper material made of light, pleasant microfibre (100% Oekotex), sweat absorbing and with antibacterial treatment
  • Washability (machine) with detergent and therefore hygienic application
  • Certified as a medical device and cooling effect proven in scientific studies

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