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Powercool SX3 Cooling Slider - cooling curtains

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Powercool SX3 Cooling Slider - the active cooling curtains - an environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioners.

Provide pleasant and cool room temperatures without air conditioning? The actively cooling curtains from E.COOLINE provide you with a wonderfully refreshing room climate at high temperatures - climate-neutral and without additional energy costs.

In the home office, in the open-plan office and in your own home:  the actively cooling curtains are an effective sustainable alternative to air conditioning.

Cooling curtains instead of air conditioning: Here's how it works

The secret is in the material. The COOLINE SX3 high-tech fleece is characterized by the functional finesse of binding large quantities of water inside within seconds and storing it firmly directly on the smart 3D fibers. The advantage: an enormously large surface area of water molecules is created, which can evaporate immediately in a highly active manner and cool effectively. No water droplets or condensation form under pressure.

Simply spray the cooling curtains with cold tap water from a spray bottle and activate the high-tech fleece. Don't worry: The curtains are dry again immediately afterwards, they do not drip. Instead, the water evaporates, providing pleasant cooling in seconds at up to 660 watts/h and a healthy indoor climate. In this way, up to 97% CO2 is saved compared to air conditioning systems. A significantly better environmental balance -completely without additional energy costs. 

The curtains can be hung with standard rails for panel and sliding curtains. The actual attachment is then done with a Velcro fastener.



Width 60 cm

Available in lengths 245 cm and 295 cm

Material: Outer material: 100% polyester, insert: 100% COOLINE polyester

With the E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 sliders you cool your rooms climate neutrally with a technology "Made in Germany


Note: The article "Powercool SX3 Cooling Slider" is delivered without printed E.COOLINE logo.

Size S: 

60 cm wide, 245 cm long

Size L:

60 cm wide, 295 cm long 




E.COOLINE cooling clothing - unlike most other cooling functional textiles - is washable.

All our articles can be washed by hand or in a wool wash cycle without spin function at 30°C with the special detergent 'DEOXX® ecowash' (alternatively: TOKO® ecowash) developed for E.COOLINE cooling functional textiles. Many other commercially available ph-neutral liquid detergents are also suitable, although we cannot give any guarantee for this due to the different chemical compositions.

Please follow the instructions enclosed with the product.


The COOLINE SX3 technology

The COOLINE SX3 technology integrated in E.COOLINE provides up to 660 watts of cooling energy with smart fibers. By this way you can achieve effective cooling temperatures of up to 12°C and save up to 97% CO2 compared to air conditioning systems. This is not only cool, but also environmentally friendly.

The big advantage of COOLINE SX3: Everyone cools individually. Whether at work, during sports or in your free time - thanks to the patented technology and the DEOXXfresh finish, the washable cooling vest with the technology 'Made in Germany' ensures the perfect feeling of freshness in every situation.

How to activate the E.COOLINE cooling textiles

Simply activate the textile under the tap with approx. 0.25 liters of water, dry it off and put it on. The cooling textile is dry and ready for use within seconds - anytime and anywhere. It provides up to 20 hours of quick and easy cooling in the heat. An external, environmentally harmful energy source is not required. For this reason - and because it is produced in a climate-neutral manner - our cooling products also put you in a good mood when it comes to sustainability.

Please also note the instructions included with the product.