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E.COOLINE CoolMask - Limited Edition - Cooling mask

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  •     Well-being in spite of mask duty
  •     Pleasant cooling
  •     Up to 10°C less in seconds
  •     Less sweating with heat
  •     Easy handling, good fit
  •     Washable and reusable

In hot weather you would sometimes prefer to tear the mask off your face. Breathing becomes even more difficult - glasses steam up more often - the skin reacts with pimples. So that wearing a face mask does not become a torture despite the heat - the researchers have developed a cooling face mask for E.COOLINE.

The E.COOLINE cooling mask not only makes you look cool, but also keeps you cool. This is ensured by the patented COOLINE SX3 technology, which generates up to 660 watts/l cooling energy with smart fibers over the nose and on the cheeks.

Whether in supermarkets, stores, transportation and other areas where wearing a mouth and nose protection is mandatory, the mask reduces heavy sweating at high temperatures. Despite summer heat, the E.COOLINE mask allows you to breathe better - the view through the glasses remains clear and you do something for your skin. By cooling you simply feel fresher, you can concentrate better and have more energy.

The material is light and supple. The classic cut and good fit with flexible bands make the washable and naturally reusable mask a casual summer companion. To ensure that the masks remain hygienically dry in front of the nose and around the mouth, the cooling material is applied in the area above the nose and on the cheeks. As with all E.COOLINE products, the activation works in seconds under the tap. In this case, of course, you do not use your hands to dry off, but simply use 2-3 paper towels or cosmetic tissues. Simple - practical - hygienic!

The masks are developed by Heike Neumann, a master dressmaker from Kirchheim, who had to give up her job because of Corona and together with the team from E.COOLINE has created the project "COOL MASK". For all those who want to protect their fellow men, but still want to stay cool. The E.COOLINE COOLMASK also cares for the environment. It is washable, disinfectable and ironable, which makes it reusable several times and thus avoids waste. In addition, the COOL MASK, like the cooling clothing from E.COOLINE, is 100% climate neutral and "Made in Germany".

This mask is not suitable for use in the health or care sector, as occupational safety or other protective equipment for protection against infections or other harmful substances. For private use only. This protection is not a medical device in the sense of regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical mask) nor personal protective equipment. in the sense of regulation EU/2016/425 (filtering masks type FFP2)

Please refer to the instructions enclosed with the product.


Outer fabric: 100% polyester, inner material: 100% COOLINE PES


One size fits all

E.COOLINE cooling textiles are - in contrast to most other cooling function textiles - washable.
All our articles can be washed by hand with the special detergent 'DEOXX® ecowash' (alternatively: TOKO® ecowash) developed for E.COOLINE cooling function textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are also suitable, although we cannot guarantee this due to the different chemical compositions.

Please observe the instructions enclosed with the product.



With E.COOLINE you cool yourself and your employees with a climate-neutral cooling product and technology "Made in

The most important unique selling points of our E.COOLINE cooling clothing are

  • Quick activation in seconds without preparation or refrigerator
  • Immediately dry, pleasant surface, instead of hours of moisture/wet
  • Health protection, as the kidney area remains free of cooling
  • Upper material made of light, pleasant microfibre (100% Oekotex), sweat absorbing and with antibacterial treatment
  • Washability (machine) with detergent and therefore hygienic application
  • Certified as a medical device and cooling effect proven in scientific studies