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E.COOLINE blanket - cooling bedspread

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Powercool SX3 Blanket – the cooling blanket for sleeping on hot summer nights

Most of us struggle to fall asleep as the temperatures rise. We start to sweat and roll around in bed, hoping to fall asleep soon. This is now a thing of the past: The E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 blanket offers a good night’s sleep with its cooling effect. No more need to worry about how you fall asleep. The actively cooling blanket ensures a restful sleep in the heat and increases your regeneration during the night, so that you can start the next day fit and able to perform. Your next day will be marked by a wonderful feeling of freshness

The actively cooling blanket is wonderfully light and offers you the perfect, pleasantly dry sleeping climate making you feel as if you were in an air-conditioned luxury hotel.

The cooling blanket is particularly suitable not only for sleeping, but also whenever you want to cool down large areas. Also for people with heat problems, such as multiple sclerosis patients or quadriplegics, the cooling blanket offers a simple, quick and effective way to counteract exhaustion (fatigue), loss of performance and health complaints.

Simply spray the areas to be cooled with cold tap water using the spray bottle provided. This way you are completely flexible and can specifically cool the areas that are important to you.

Size: 200 x 135 cm

Material: Upper material: 100% polyester; mesh: 82% polyester /18% elastane; filling: 100% COOLINE polyester.

With the E.COOLINE blanket you can cool down in a climate-neutral manner with technology "Made in Germany".

Size: 200 x 135 cm

Colours: White, Blue




E.COOLINE cooling clothing is washable, unlike most other cooling fabrics.

All our products are fit for hand washing or the wool wash cyclewithout spinning, at 30 °C. We recommend for E.COOLINE cooling textiles our
special detergent, DEOXX® ecowash '(alternatively: TOKO® ecowash), developed for E.COOLINE cooling textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are suitable.

Please refer to the product enclosed instructions.

With E.COOLINE you cool yourself and your employees with a climate-neutral cooling product and technology "Made in

The most important unique selling points of our E.COOLINE cooling clothing are

  • Quick activation in seconds without preparation or refrigerator
  • Immediately dry, pleasant surface, instead of hours of moisture/wet
  • Health protection, as the kidney area remains free of cooling
  • Upper material made of light, pleasant microfibre (100% Oekotex), sweat absorbing and with antibacterial treatment
  • Washability (machine) with detergent and therefore hygienic application
  • Certified as a medical device and cooling effect proven in scientific studies

The COOLINE SX3 technology

The COOLINE SX3 technology integrated in E.COOLINE provides up to 660 watts of cooling energy with smart fibers. By this way you can achieve effective cooling temperatures of up to 12°C and save up to 97% CO2 compared to air conditioning systems. This is not only cool, but also environmentally friendly.

The big advantage of COOLINE SX3: Everyone cools individually. Whether at work, during sports or in your free time - thanks to the patented technology and the DEOXXfresh finish, the washable cooling vest with the technology 'Made in Germany' ensures the perfect feeling of freshness in every situation.

How to activate the E.COOLINE cooling textiles

Simply activate the textile under the tap with approx. 0.25 liters of water, dry it off and put it on. The cooling textile is dry and ready for use within seconds - anytime and anywhere. It provides up to 10 hours of quick and easy cooling in the heat. An external, environmentally harmful energy source is not required. For this reason - and because it is produced in a climate-neutral manner - our cooling products also put you in a good mood when it comes to sustainability.

Please also note the instructions included with the product.


Run water evenly over the "padded" part of your product at the front and back (approx. 3 sec. per side) until all areas are darker. Or soak this part for max. 1-2 sec. e.g. in the sink. Lightly squeeze out excess water. 


Then place your E.COOLINE product on a towel and wrap it under light pressure. You can also simply rub the outer fabric with a cloth. Then let it air dry for a few more seconds. 


The outer fabric is immediately dry again and your product is now ready for use. E.COOLINE cools you climate-neutrally with a pleasant cooling of up to 660 watts for several hours. The activation process can be repeated at any time. 

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