Hardly any other sector is currently more in demand than the cooling clothing sector - climate-neutral and sustainable as a real alternative to classic air conditioning. Smart materials, 3D technology and innovative application possibilities inspire beginners and fans.

Cooling clothing from E.COOLINE offers a wide variety of models for use in occupational safety, health protection, sports or room cooling. Discover the E.COOLINE range now and be inspired!

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Cooling clothing from E.COOLINE in the quick check

ECOOLINE cooling clothing makes everyday life in the heat easier for young and old. Does the thought of soon being fit in the evening even in the heat appeal to you?

What you can expect from E.COOLINE:

  •    Cooling can be activated in seconds - you do not need a lengthy preparation phase - simply activate with water according to the instructions and you can enjoy the cooling immediately.

  •  Cooling and dry clothes at the same time - the processed fleece binds the water molecules firmly in its 3D structure.

  • With the climate-neutral cooling textiles from E.COOLINE, you use a sustainable alternative to conventional air conditioning systems. This means for you: cooling at high temperatures WITHOUT electricity costs and WITHOUT a guilty conscience.

  •  With the E.COOLINE technology "Made in Germany" you trust in a proven and popular technology product, which offers you fast, easy and reliable cooling.

  •  E.COOLINE cooling clothing is certified as a medical product.

  •   The effectiveness of E.COOLINE cooling clothing in reducing heat-related discomfort has been proven in scientific studies.

  •   All E.COOLINE cooling clothing products do NOT cool the kidneys - to protect your health.

  •  Regular care - Please wash your E.COOLINE product regularly, gladly in the washing machine, to keep your cooling garments hygienic. Please follow the washing instructions.

  •  Quality has its price: E.COOLINE cooling clothing is more expensive to purchase than competitor products,

    + is ready for use in seconds instead of long preparation time

    + is very light (little weight)

    + keeps cool longer

    + cools easier, more pleasantly and more reliably and

    + compared to a conventional air conditioner....

    + you also save a lot of money

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